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About Us

For over 5000 years, the unmatched beauty & serenity of the Himalayas has attracted man. Adventurists and brave hearts have time and again knocked at its door to savour its rich natural diversity. Some have ventured alone while others have marched as a group. However, travelling on dangerous mountains requires not only courage and hard work but also concrete plans and strategies. Keeping similar thoughts in mind, an employee of Metal & Steel factory, Ishapore, Shri Kiriti Bhusan Sen assembled with like minded but scattered individuals of the same organization who at different times, either individually or with few others go on such adventures routinely. What came to Shri Sen’s mind was if such people were assimilated & work together for a common cause, expeditions on a larger scale with less risk and financial strain would be possible. Thus, with a common agenda in mind Ordnance Factory Trekkers was established on 19th March, 1975. ..more